Wednesday, August 10, 2011

All An Act

            Without my master's guidance, I don't know what to do.
            I have been a daring adventurer. A celebrated leader. A gallant champion.
            My words have made men braver. Ignited others to action. Inspired nations to greatness.
            I try to remember some of the speeches to reassure myself, but nothing comes to mind. A few words manage to trickle from my lips, but they ring hollow, as empty I am.
            I saw myself as a hero. I realize now that it was all an act.
            I am a sham. I am ashamed. But above all, on my own, I am afraid.

One other idea that I've been kicking around is a story about a puppet.  He would be a classic marionette who has performed all types of great adventures and played every heroic role imaginable.  But one day, he would wake up (think Toy Story-style here) to find his master is no longer there.  Deciding he needs to go find him, he would go on some adventure to figure out where his master has gone.

I envision a big part of this story being the puppet coming to terms with the fact that he isn't any of those roles that he has performed.  He isn't the king's stalwart soldier.  He's not a skilled huntsmen.  He's not a beloved prince.  And so forth.

He'd find some friends along the way to help him on his quest, and he's also learn that even if he's not a hero like in the stories, it doesn't mean that he can't be heroic (or some such).  However, this piece in particular would take place earlier on the in the adventure, when he's realizing that the roles he's performed are not who he is.

I don't think this quite manages to attain the feeling I was aiming for.  It's too rushed.  Doesn't spend enough time dwelling on the realization.  I will definitely have to spend some more time with the concept, but considering the hour, this will do for tonight.

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