Thursday, August 25, 2011

Going Back on my Word

So that claim about no more delays?  Perhaps given a little hastily.  It looks like I will not have time to put anything up today in the way of stories, and I apologize for that.  If you're dying for some wonderful words penned by yours truly, you could always give a look at the latest article up at The Weekly Crisis, where the team (including myself) give their thoughts on some of the comics coming out come November.

If that's not quite your style, I'd invite you to swing by thought balloons to take a look at all the Riddler scripts we have up this week.  I must say, I've been blown away at the quality of some of these pieces.  Not because I doubt my fellow thought ballooners (perish the thought), but because I was unsure about the character.  But everyone has brought their A-game and then some, making for some great reading  My script will be going up later tonight (4 am), so if you're wanting to give it a gander, you'll have to wait for tomorrow.

But fear not, I'll be back soon, and I'll bring some fresh words organized specifically with The Thought Wrangler in mind.  Believe you me.

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  1. I feel the need to point out that 4 AM is not "later tonight", but "tomorrow morning".