Monday, August 22, 2011

My Weekly Pull - August 17th

Just back from a nice little vacation, so this one is a little later than usual, but as I've mentioned before, these posts are as much for my benefit as anyone who is willing to read through them.

Anyways, compared to some of my previous weeks, I barely bought any comics at all this time around.  Try as I might, there simply weren't that many series that I followed / was interested in trying out.  Consequently, I have a pretty sparse list for this past week.

Marvel Comics


DC Comics

Image Comics

As mentioned in my reviews, Batman was a complete bust, Power Girl was a fun read, and Daredevil continues swimmingly.

As for the other books, both Spider-Island tie-ins were great.  Spider-Girl picked up right about where Paul Tobin left off with his recently-cancelled ongoing series, and Venom had a quality story and an interesting revelation that could have some big impacts on the main title.

Finally, Gladstone's was really good.  My interest had been waning a little bit, but this last issue was really enjoyable.  Really, it was just a study session between all the kids, but it was pulled of perfectly.  There was even a wonderful page offering what I assume is the writer's feelings on the importance of comic books that was quite eloquently stated.  Of course, it also had a great joke to follow it up, giving a good amount of tongue in cheek.

A light week on my part, it looks as if things will be ramping up again come this Wednesday.  Feel free to check out The Weekly Crisis for my thoughts on those books tomorrow, and if we're lucky, stay tuned to this page for the next installment of our heroes' quest, which should continue without interruption until its conclusion (whenever that may be).

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  1. The Spider books are quite a bit of fun and remind me of my childhood (see: The Clone Saga). Which is a good a thing.

    I enjoyed the Batman book (713), although it was far from perfect, and the "reveal" left much to be desired, I think it did a good job of reviewing the changes in the last few years and hopefully bridge to the new beginnings coming soon...