Thursday, August 18, 2011

A Breakthrough

          Jones figured it out in the end.
          Unlike his more conscientious companions, he stopped looking by the end of Day Two. While they poured over every codex, folio, and compendium they could find, Jones was casually leafing through less seemly materials.
          He had always enjoyed a good bawdy tale, and each library had more than its fair share of vulgarity for him to peruse. Eventually, he happened across one particularly steamy story involving a comely maiden and a certain cavern of untold wealth that was located near Cloudburst Falls.
          Haphazard searching proved far more valuable than they had thought possible.

I know I said I was enjoying this yesterday, but I'm really enjoying this now.  I had quite a fun time coming up with the method of discovery.  It seemed far to easy and boring to have dedication pay off, so I thought why not have do-nothingness take the day?  And so here we are.

This tale also has the first named member of our little band of heroes (if you can call them that).  Say hello to Jones!  He's pretty alright sometimes.  When he feels like it.  The rest of the time, he's not up to much good, but the other three let him stick around for some reason.  I'm sure they'll figure it out eventually.  Well, maybe not.

Either way, thanks for stopping by to follow the continuing adventures of our current protagonists.

Next: they continue to do stuff! (probably)

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