Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Noirvember - Paint the Town - Page 2

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1 - Alyssa sits on the stoop outside of a shawarma place, holding a shawarma in one hand while she talks on her phone with the other.  It's still late; there don't seem to be any cars around.

ALYSSA: Yeah, pick me up at Eglington and Yates.

2 - Alyssa sits on the same stoop, but her shawarma is done and the shawarma place is closed.  If anything, the street is even more abandoned now.  Alyssa looks annoyed (and more sober), looking down at her phone.

ALYSSA (1): This is ridiculous.

ALYSSA (2): Uber it is.

3 - On Alyssa's phone screen.  It reads "0% battery" with an appropriate graphic.


4 - Alyssa is trudging along the sidewalk as she walks home.  She does not look pleased.  If we see any of the background, the streets are as empty as before, but she's moved into a more industrial neighbourhood.


5 - On Alyssa from the side.  She has stopped walking, her attention grabbed by something off-panel (and in the reader's direction).  She cocks her eyebrow as she considers what she sees.


6 - Establishing shot of a garage / used car lot.  The place looks kind of menacing, both because it's night time and there seem to be a lot of wrecks all around the lot.  There are a couple of buildings that are back from the road.  There are piles of tires, parts, and the like scattered all about.  A fence seaprates the building from the road, with a prominent "NO TRESPASSING" sign visible.  The entrance is two swinging fences that are locked together, but there's enough room for someone to slide between them.  Alyssa has done just that and walks along the open space in the general direction of the buildings.


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