Monday, November 28, 2016

Noirvember - Free Lunch - Page 1

We open on four small panels, showing off different scenes in a fancy restaurant.

1 - A couple - who are dressed to the nines - share a laugh at their well appointed table.


2 - Close on a wine bottle being opened by one of the wait staff.


3 - Close on a menu that one of the patrons are perusing.  The restaurant's name "Chez Edgar" is written in embossed letters on the front in fancy type.


4 - A waitress walks towards a table holding some sumptuous looking plates of food.


5 - Move to an establishing shot of the restaurant interior.  It is very chic, with mood lighting.  The bar may be visible in the background.  Either way, every table is full.  Every table, that is, except for the one that is the focus of the panel.  Randall, dressed in a shabby suit with a loosely done tie (which is hidden by the napkin he has tucked into the collar of his shirt to from a temporary bib) and questionable facial hair, sits alone at a table for two, munching on a dinner roll as he lounges about.  A half drunk glass of water and dinner roll basket sits on his table.  The waitress from the previous panel has come up and is trying to take an order.

WAITRESS: Sir? Are you sure you wouldn't like order something while you wait for your friend?

RANDALL: Naw, I'm good with the water, thanks.

6 - Move in closer to the pair.  Randall pops the last of the roll into his mouth and reconsiders the waitress' proposal further.  She continues to stand at attention.

RANDALL: Well, now that you mention it...

7 - Close on the empty dinner roll basket.  Randall has picked it up and shows it to the waitress.

RANDALL (off-panel): Could I get some more of this bread?

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