Monday, November 21, 2016

Noirvember - Paint the Town - Page 1

1 - Alyssa and Warren are walking along a city sidewalk after a night out partying.  Alyssa looks to be a little further gone than Warren, hanging precariously from his neck.  Warren's attention is taken by his phone getting a text (either vibrating or giving off a little tone).

ALYSSA: This was a great evening, but I cannot wait to pass out at home!

2 - Warren looks at his phone intently.  Alyssa is annoyed at what he says, pushing him away and pouting a bit.

WARREN: Actually, it looks like the boys are having a nightcap. Meet you back at our place?

ALYSSA: Whaaat?! Don't make me walk home alone! It's sooo far!

3 - Alyssa pauses, putting a finger to her lip in thought.  Warren looks up from his phone with a start, giving Alyssa his full attention for the first time this page, his eyes wide.

ALYSSA: I guess I could take that shortcut you showed me...


4 - Warren comes back to Alyssa, taking her hands in his and giving her some money.  Alyssa is confused by this action.

WARREN (1): No, no, no. It's way too late for that.

WARREN (2): Here, I'll pay your taxi.

ALYSSA: Okay...

5 - On Alyssa's hands as he holds, like, two hundred dollars worth of bills.

ALYSSA (off-panel): But I think this might be too much.

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