Thursday, November 17, 2016

Noirvember - Lost and Found - Page 4

Start from the beginning.

1 - On the bridge, angled so the bottom of the dry riverbed isn't visible.  Troy is peeking out from the edge of the riverbed next to the bridge, looking around.

TROY: I think he's gone

2 - On Troy as he climbs out of the riverbed.  He looks back behind him in concern towards Vanessa.

TROY (1): We should do the same.

TROY (2): Van?

3 - Vanessa is still sitting next to the bridge (where she was at the end of the previous page), her arms wrapped around her knees, still stunned.  Troy has come over and crouches in front of her, hands on his knees and a warm (if tired) smile on his face.

VANESSA: How did you know he wouldn't find us?

TROY: Remember when we were talking hide and seek?

4 - Vanessa and Troy exchange a hug, holding each other so tight they might never let go.  Whether they're still on the ground or are now standing is up to you.

TROY: I never snuck off when you were it.

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