Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Noirvember - The Beaten Path - Page 3

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1 - On the crashed car from page 1, but from the opposite side (looking from the forest).  There is a police officer standing next to the car, peering into the driver's seat.  He might have a flashlight.  His cruiser could be visible parked on the side of the road behind him.

CARSON (off-panel, tailless): Shit.

2 - Carson and Stephen stand in the forest clearing, vaguely hiding behind some trees / branches.  They look frustrated.  Stephen reaches for where he put away his gun.

STEPHEN: What do we do now?

CARSON: Only thing we can.

3 - Close on the cop.  He looks up from the car, a look of surprise / concern on his face.

COP: Hello?

4 - Smash cut to Carson and Stephen carrying Ronald's dead body through the forest.  Stephen holds the legs, walking forward; while Carson brings up the rear, holding the head / arms awkwardly, trying the balance the briefcase on Ronald's torso.  Carson is not having much success and looks like he's struggling.


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