Friday, April 1, 2016

Five Page Stories - Ex Factor - Page 5

Start from the beginning.

1 - On Belok back at his place.  He looks pensive and thoughtful.  Frame the panel so that you can't see below his shoulders.

BELOK: Maybe there are worse things than seeing your exes again.  It was weird at first, but all in all, Ashling was pretty cool about things.

2 - On Ordro.  He looks tired and unimpressed.

ORDRO: She put a spear through your gut.

3 - Back on Belok, framed so that it's clear the spear Ashling threw at the end of page 4 impaled him and is still sticking through his gut - he's probably still bleeding openly.  Ordro examines the spear.  Belok doesn't seem to be worried about this state of affairs (and won't be for the rest of the page), focusing more on Ordro's revelation he has the wrong spear through his side.

ORDRO: And it's not even the one we want.

BELOK: What?

4 - On the spear poking through Belok's torso.  Ordro looks closely - perhaps "Everspear" is written along the shaft and he points at it.

ORDRO (off-panel): This is the Everspear.  We need the Foreverspear to stop Dark Skull.

5 - On Belok.  He's embarrassed at his forgetfulness.

BELOK: Oh, dang.

6 - Belok puts his hand to his chin in classic "Thinker" pose, considering the matter seriously.

BELOK: Let's see...Foreverspear...

7 - Belok extends his finger excitedly as he thinks of the answer.  A look of excitement covers his face.

BELOK: I left that at Wilhelmina's before she dumped me.

8 - Belok's face falls as he realizes what this means.

BELOK: ...

9 - Belok shrugs his shoulders.  Ordro facepalms once again at what he's hearing.

BELOK: The world had a pretty good run, right?

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