Saturday, April 9, 2016

Five Page Stories - Off the Clock - Page 4

Start from the beginning.

1 - Close on the luchador leader's face.

LEADER: Enough!

2 - One luchador henchman lunges forward with his blade, forcing Kendra to leap backwards to avoid the blade (she may bend at the hips to create some extra distance).

LEADER (tailless): Teach.

3 - The other henchman steps past his comrade and slices downwards along the aisle next to Kendra, forcing her off-balance as she avoids the slash.

LEADER (tailless): Her.

4 - The other henchman continues forward past Kendra, sword at the ready, while the initial henchman takes the place in front and next to her. He slashes across the aisle horizontally, forcing Kendra into an awkward roll into the seat space behind where he bag is.

LEADER (tailless): Some.

5 - The leader stabs his sword through the seat in front of Kendra (where her bag is - indeed, the sword goes through the bag's strap), pinning Kendra between the sword and the bus wall. Kendra's eyes go wide at the close call.

LEADER: Manners!

6 - Similar to the last panel, with Kendra surrounded on all sides by these sword-wielding luchadors. Kendra reaches over the seat and gingerly picks up her bag, ripping the strap on the sword blade.

SFX: tear!

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