Saturday, April 2, 2016

Think of a City - Fortune's Favour

I'd say I just can't help myself, but when talented folk like Jennifer de Guzman and Kate Brown come at you with pieces as stunning as 056, I don't know that you can blame me.  I'm particularly enamoured by this image because it's pretty much an unlettered comic book page.  The layout might be a little non-traditional, but it's clearly there.  And the blue mushrooms not only provide a backlink to the previous Think of a City entry, but it acts as a beautiful border and motif to this page specifically - I can't get over how they break the gutter borders.  It's a wonderful detail that speaks to how the little fungi are seemingly overwhelming not only the page but the world itself.  Love it.

We're following Maya, a woman in a post-apocalyptic world that's filled with pollution and low on fresh air / plants.  While searching for any wild plants, she's fallen through a rooftop window into the room below.

1 - Looking down at Maya lying prone in a little field of glowing blue mushrooms.  She absentmindedly reaches to her gas mask to make sure it's still in one piece.  There might be shards of glass, pieces of window frame, rafters, and the like littered around her to show things she brought down with her when falling.


2 - Maya sits up, realizing she's surrounded by these glowing mushrooms.  She's amazed at this discovery - maybe a little exclamation mark above her head to illustrate her excitement.

CAPTION (MAYA): I'd say I could have done without that fall.

3 - Maya is up and picking mushrooms, shoving as many as she can into her bag.

CAPTION (MAYA): But this is exactly what I needed.

4 - Maya continues to collect fungi, so focused on her task that she does not notice the huge, shadowy spider sneaking up behind her.  Some of its shape and body can be seen, but we're mostly looking at a bunch of nefarious glowing red eyes looming over Maya, preparing for something awful.

CAPTION (MAYA): It's funny how quickly your luck can change.

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