Saturday, April 9, 2016

Five Page Stories - Off the Clock - Page 5

Start from the beginning.

1 - Close on Kendra's hand as she brings it out of her bag. She's holding a couple of small smoke bombs.

KENDRA: It's clear that I've overstayed my welcome.

2 - Kendra throws the smoke bombs at the floor, immediately unleashing growing smoke. The luchadors may recoil slightly.


SFX: smokebomb!

3 - Outside. It's still raining. The bus' interior is filling with smoke, most of the back already obscured.


4 - Kendra crashes through one of the bus windows (with her bag, of course), diving to the street below.

SFX: krsssh!


5 - Kendra lies on the wet road. The bus is off-panel.

CAPTION (KENDRA): The day was longer than I would have liked.

6 - Kendra gets up, taking a moment to dust herself off.  A crash comes from the direction the bus left the panel.


CAPTION (KENDRA): And the weather's still awful.

7 - Kendra starts walking home.

CAPTION (KENDRA): But at least I'm a little closer to home.

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