Saturday, April 30, 2016

Think of a City - Home

So the Thought Wrangling (at least the public facing portions of it) has gone a little quiet these past few weeks, but as you well know one thing that will always bring me back is Think of a City updates.  This time around, we have, 057, a delightful collaboration between Vincent Kukua and Casey Gilly, which grabbed me from the moment I set eyes on it.  We're moving ever closer into the realm of straight comic book page, which I find intriguing, but what I really dig here is that, instead of words, the balloons are chock-full of images / memories.  The whole "image is worth a thousand words" idea comes pretty quickly to mind, and I can't say that it's wrong, as the team manages to get all manner of information and ideas across in a relatively small space.  Love it.

1 - Establishing shot of a busy downtown square.  There are people all about, walking this way and that.  One man, Bob, pauses amid the crowd and looks up a the tall skyscrapers, taking it all in.  It doesn't have to be immediately evident that he is our focus (that's what later panels are for), but with some inspection, he should stick out a bit - he should be wearing clothing from an earlier era (maybe a 1950s suit), a hat that covers his eyes, and perhaps bandages / stitches along parts of his skin that are showing.  And because accessories are nice, give him a briefcase.

CAPTION (BOB): I love this city.

2 - Bob walks along the sidewalk, making headway out of downtown.  There's fewer people about and a cemetery is visible in the distance.

CAPTION (BOB): I always found its hustle and bustle soothing.

3 - In the cemetery.  Bob walks towards a small mausoleum, its doors partially open.

CAPTION (BOB): But sometimes all that energy and liveliness can feel overwhelming.

4 - Bob walks down a long, dark, underground staircase.  The structure is made of stone and looks old, possibly with the occasional sconce to light the way.  As Bob nears its end, he takes off his hat (although his face should still be obscured).

CAPTION (BOB): When that hits, I need to get away.

5 - Bob emerges into a huge underground space, echoing the downtown square from panel 1, save for the fact that all the denizen of this space are monstrous creatures of various sorts.  With his hat off, it's clear that Bob is a zombie, while there are skeletons, creatures from black lagoons, vampires, werewolves, and so forth strolling all about him.  It should also be clear that there are buildings, infrastructure, and the like in this underground area.  Bob once again pauses to take it all in.

CAPTION (BOB): Fortunately, I know just the place.

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