Sunday, June 5, 2016


1 - On a beat-up transport spaceship, blasting up into the sky, its thrusters bright with fire to push it onwards and upwards.

CAPTION (ROBOT 2): We did not expect this to be--

CAPTION (ROBOT 1) (interrupting): There is no need for justification.

2 - On the desert planet, a lone robot stands looking up towards the ship (which is rather high up and small at this point).  The robot's posture is straight and rigid, as if standing at attention, although its arms hang at its side (one of them dangles with wires and the like coming out of it, looking somewhat broken / damaged).

CAPTION (ROBOT 1): We knew the risks in coming down to this planet.

3 - Similar to panel 2, but the ship is now gone and the robot looks towards the ground.

CAPTION (ROBOT 1): We agreed them worth taking.

4 - The robot turns and starts walking away towards a nearby palm tree.

CAPTION (ROBOT 1): Things did not work out as we had hoped.

5 - The robot sits down at the base of the palm tree, working arm wrapped around its knees, which it pulls close.

CAPTION (ROBOT 1): We will see each other again.

6 - Similar to panel 5, but the robot is powering down, the lights and life going out of it.

CAPTION (ROBOT 1): In this world.

CPU: Powering down...

CAPTION (ROBOT 1): Or the next.

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