Sunday, July 3, 2016


1 - On a dog being lovingly petted by some woman.  Said petting is either from the woman's perspective or at least framed so the woman's face is not on-panel.  The focus is on the cute and excited dog who is loving life.

WOMAN: Who's a good boy?

CAPTION (LESTER): I've never understood the appeal of pets.

2 - The woman and a man look to be talking to each other (again, the panel is framed so we can't see their faces).  The dog wanders off, walking towards the street.

MAN: So what are you doing later?

CAPTION (LESTER): What's so great about having some dumb animal follow you around?

3 - The dog is in the middle of the street and looks towards something terrifying off-panel (and directly towards the reader).

MAN (off-panel): Bandit?

CAPTION (LESTER): Who you have to look after?

4 - The dog is hit by a car.  The impact is pretty big - the car clearly did not slow down.  The car is a beat-up, old clunker.

SFX (car hitting dog): WHUMP!

CAPTION (LESTER): And whose messes you have to clean up?

5 - On Walter and Lester in the car.  Lester hits Walter upside the back of the head.  Lester looks angry; Walter looks contrite and sad.

LESTER: You idiot!  Watch where you're driving!

SFX (hitting Walter): smak!

LESTER: No, don't stop.

6 - Establishing shot of the street.  The car drives off, while the man (and possibly the woman) run towards the dog lying in the middle of the street.

LESTER (from within the car): We've got places to be.

MAN: Bandit!

CAPTION (LESTER): I have enough of that in my life already.

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