Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Think of a City - Forest for the Trees

I love the way each new Think of a City piece can delight and surprise.  Robin Furth and Megan Hutchison's 059 is no exception to this rule, as it takes a pretty dramatic departure from the previous entry while still focusing in on a very real connection between the two.  I also can't help but marvel at how dense this image is - looking over it, I was stunned at the many different levels and layers the two creators managed to pack in - I missed the cameo by 058's protagonist on first glance, for goodness sakes!

1 - Ariel and Eldar stand in a small clearing in a dark, malevolent-seeming forest.  Ariel is poking through some shrubbery with her sword, seemingly searching for something.  Eldar stands to the side, impatiently waiting.

ELDAR: Come along, Ariel. There's no time for skulking in the shrubbery.

2 - Eldar and Ariel walk on.  Eldar looks pleased to be back on track, while Ariel continues to look back towards the clearing behind them, a look of unease on her face.  She sheathes her sword.

ELDAR: And please put away your weapon.  You know we want them to understand that we mean no harm.

ARIEL: Are you sure they feel the same way?

3 - Eldar and Ariel continue forward.  Eldar remains oblivious to the obvious dangers that seem to be hiding behind every corner of this dark place.  Ariel tries to remain vigilant, but is generally uncomfortable with the whole situation.

ELDAR: Of course!

4 - Back on the initial clearing of panel 1.  Focus on some skeletal figures in abouts the shrubbery that Ariel was searching through.  It is clear that the skeletal figures did not die of natural causes (perhaps scratch marks on the bones, for example).  Ariel and Eldar are in the background, walking deeper into the dark forest.

ELDAR: What would make you think otherwise?

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