Friday, July 29, 2016

Think of a City - Rain Cheque

I love the major colour palette shift Seth Lochhead and Owen Freeman throw down in 061 compared to the last few pieces.  The various shades of blue grab the eye and develop all kinds of atmosphere all at once, and I adore the way they sneak in the red from 060 in the refraction of the glass tube / column.  That it hides a seem that initially appears to be amorous but is quickly revealed to be far more nefarious under closer scrutiny is yet another bonus.  Anyone familiar with Think of a City will not be surprised at the level of talent on display.  What's more notable is how impressive it remains, 60+ pieces in.

1 - We're in the downtown core of a major metropolis.  Neon bright in the night, shining out against the rain.  On Vince as he runs through the downpour, his jacket up over his head in a futile attempt to keep some small part of himself dry.


2 - Vince has found some shelter from the storm, standing just out of the rain with his hands on his knees trying to regain his breath.  Frame from within the shelter, so its actual depth is unclear.

SFX (VINCE): *huff! puff!*

VOICE: mmf!

3 - Vince turns towards the sound from off-panel, freezing in terror at what he sees.

VINCE: Sorry, I didn't realize--

4 - Back on the city streets, Vince is running full out, jacket and wish to be dry forgotten.


5 - Back in the alcove, reveal two vampires who are in the process of draining the life from a poor innocent.  They look mostly human, except for the fangs, red eyes, and of course the blood all over them.  They've paused in their feeding.  One looks to the other in confusion; the second only shrugs their shoulders.

VAMPIRE: What's eating him?

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