Sunday, July 31, 2016

Think of a City - Thicker Than Water

Is Tait Howard's 063 enough to make graveyard's a Think of a City motif?  It might be a bit too early to make that assertion, but it is always fascinating to see artists and pieces circle back to elements that have come before.  A few degrees removed from 057, it's neat to have a second dally about an idea and to come to such a different result.

1 - Establishing shot on a big and old Victorian house at night.  An ongoing column of unholy energy has blown a hole through the house's roof and rises into an equally unholy rend in the sky.

PATRICK (from within): Are you sure this will fix whatever they've started?

2 - Inside the house.  Ella and Patrick stand in an attic, a little worse for wear.  There's a pentagram painted on the floor, the column of unholy energy rising above it.  A number of beaten and unconscious masked cultists are lying on the ground.  Patrick looks in surprise and frustration at Ella; Ella shrugs her shoulders defensively, holding a small cooler in one hand.  There should be a table of some variety visible for the action in the next panel.  The column of energy is still pulsing, giving a sickly light to the scene and maybe kicking up some wind / force of some nature.

ELLA: I'm at, like, 70% confidence?


ELLA (1): Ritual magic isn't an exact science!

ELLA (2): I mean, it's right there in the name.

3 - Ella places the cooler on the table and opens it.  She and Patrick stand in front, looking into the contents.  This is framed so the reader cannot yet see what's inside.  It could also be done so the column can be visible in the background.

ELLA: But none of the rites specifically call for human sacrifice.

4 - On the cooler, which is filled with blood packs / transfusion bags.  Ella might be pulling out a bag, all the better for the reader to see it.

ELLA (tailless): Just human blood.

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