Thursday, August 11, 2016

Think of a City - Climate Change

I am in love with that warm, rich sky that looks down upon James Romberger's 064.  It stands in such beautiful contrast to the faded reality in the city below.  But while the city and its colours are run-down, the people within are anything but.  There is a clear society that has risen (is trying to rise) out of whatever unfortunate events that led to this image's present, which is a testament to the many, many details that Romberger has packed into this wonderful piece.

1 - An establishing shot of a burned out, husk of a city, not unlike Mr. Romberger's 064.  It's late afternoonish.  Summertime.  We're focused on an empty street, empty, crumbling buildings on either side.  There are some figures in the distance, but they're too far to really make out what they're up to (that's for panel 2).

CAPTION: What is humanity's greatest strength?

2 - Closer in on those figures from panel 1.  It's a group of children who look happy and healthy.  Their clothes may be worn, but it's from use, not neglect.  And they're all playing a game that looks like stickball in the street.  Let's focus on the pitcher as they toss a ball towards the batter.  All the kids' attention is on this moment.

CAPTION: One of them must be our ability to live through and normalize even the most drastic of conditions.

3 - Repeat panel 2, but a loud shout from off-panel causes all the children to look over in surprise, forgetting their game (indeed, the ball might even be flying over the catcher's head, as they aren't look and the batter forgot to swing).

SHOUT (from off-panel): HEY!

4 - Switch focus to a group of three or four, all wearing matching armour that could charitably be described as riot gear on steroids, with shields and weapons openly displayed at the ready.  These are the Ordermakers.  While it might not be possible to read them, their shields all have "ORDER" written across them in intimidating script.  Their leader barks out orders.

ORDERMAKER: This is an unauthorized gathering! By order of the High Dynast, you must return to your homes or you will be Sequestered.

CAPTION: Unfortunately...

5 - The kids begin to disperse.  Perhaps focus in on a couple of them, dejectedly scuffing the ground with their shoes as they walk off.  It is clear from their reactions that they are unphased by the open display of force and weapons; they're merely disappointed that their game has to end.

KID: Lousy Ordermarkers.  Always ruin our fun.

CAPTION: It can also be our greatest weakness.

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