Saturday, July 30, 2016

Think of a City - Rose-Coloured

Wow. I've been looking and looking, and while I love what I'm seeing, I don't know that I could tell you what's actually going on in Max Fiumara's 062.  It reminds me of the movement between 032 and 033, with the transition of one piece's element to the next, but whereas that one was a more straightforward recycling of the image, Fiumara takes it a step further, taking the shape of the neon outline from the previous piece and using it for a very different and new effect in this chaotic scene.  And once again, I missed the decision entirely my first time through - really appreciate the attention to detail.

1 - Lissa dives through the air, spearing Jack in the middle to push him out of the way of an unseen attacker.  The ground where Jack had been standing a moment before explodes as if it's been slammed by some large and powerful blunt force.  If possible, have a pair of red-rimmed, rose-lensed glasses falling from Lissa's person as she flies through the air.

LISSA: Move!

2 - Lissa and Jack are splayed out on the ground.  Jack is still stunned from the sudden spill; Lissa is a bit fast on the uptake, frantically pats herself down, eyes wide in terror as she cannot find the glasses.

JACK: W-what happened?

LISSA: No, no, no.

3 - On the glasses, lying on the ground.  Lissa and Jack are in the background.  Jack has gotten up to a sitting position with one hand on his head, looking confused.  Lissa continues to search desperately, looking in the wrong direction.

LISSA: Where are my glasses?

4 - Repeat panel, but the glasses are crushed, as if an invisible foot is stepping on them.  The foot, like the blow from panel 1, is heavy enough to crater the ground.  Lissa still hasn't found the glasses; Jack could be looking in the right direction, terror on his face as he sees the evidence of the invisible attackers.

LISSA: I can't see them without my glasses!

SFX: krak!

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