Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Think of a City - Silent As

I'm pleased as punch to have built up a little backlog of Think of a City pieces to work through.  I'm obviously always thrilled to wait and check out the latest entries as they're released, but I find going through a number of them in quick succession gives a different perspective on the project and can allow for a clearer view of the overall ebb and flow.  For example, the haunting 060 by Monica Richards, in the context of the past three or four pieces, seems to be rather strong evidence that cats are becoming a new motif, like dinosaurs and motorcycles before them.  And I'd say cemeteries might be entering that same category, but I might be getting ahead of myself...

1 - Establishing shot of a long abandoned city street, looking down with a bird's eye view.  A lone figure dressed in a long trench-coat, and a hat and sunglasses that cover their face, walks down what was once a busy street.  Now, there are the remains of a few skeleton's of cars, badly cracked pavement, and lots of overgrown vegetation.  The lone figure is the panel's primary focus, but they are small amid the large, empty city.

CAPTION (FIGURE): It's amazing how quickly the city became a graveyard.

2 - Close on the figure as they pass by one of the car skeletons, looking towards it curiously.  Perhaps frame so that the car's window frame's the figure (or the figure's face).


3 - The figure walks on down the street, looking over towards a sound coming from an alley off-panel.

SFX: maor!

CAPTION (FIGURE): Of course...

4 - On the alley where the sound emerged from.  A momma cat is looking after her litter of kittens - perhaps carrying one by the scruff of their neck in her mouth as she returns it to the rest of its siblings.  The figure stands in the foreground, back to the reader, hand on an alley wall, watching the scene.

CAPTION (FIGURE): Even graveyards have their share of life.

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