Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Five Page Stories - Off the Clock - Page 2

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1 - The men stand menacingly in front of Kendra (still with their umbrellas).  She makes a show of stretching out and yawning, not taking them seriously.

KENDRA (1): You're going to have to be more specific.

KENDRA (2): I've done a lot of things to a lot of folk.

2 - One of the masked henchmen brings an axe kick down on the bus bench next to Kendra, smashing it.  She holds a similar position to panel 1, but her eyes are big in surprise.

KENDRA: Right.

CAPTION (KENDRA): It's rarely a good idea to get these types riled up.

3 - Kendra moves off the seat, crouching on one knee as she punches hard on the side of the benchkicker's leg, bending it sideways / causing him quite a bit of pain (and forcing him to bend forward in pain).


4 - Kendra transitions into a firm standing uppercut, snapping the benchkicker's head back with the blow.


5 - Kendra delivers a two-handed blow to the benchkicker's gut, taking him off his feet and sending him down the bus aisle towards his companions.  They look on in surprise.

CAPTION (KENDRA): But damn if it isn't fun to do.

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