Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Future Imperfect - Page 5

Page 5

1 - We're back to that first scene of page 1.  Close up of the infinaut walking towards the portal in the midst of putting their helmet on (really focused on their upper body and the portal itself).

CAPTION: Perhaps we can know what the future holds.

2 - Same image, but pulled back a bit to show more of the infinaut and the machine they stand before / on top of. The infinaut has stopped walking and has lowered the helmet to their side.


3 - Same image, but pulled back even further to show the room and equipment within it as well.  The infinaut holds the same pose as last panel. The scientist colleagues stand at their posts, confused / looking at each other in confusion.

CAPTION: But can we understand what that means?

And with that, our little story reaches its end, coming full circle.  I think the finished pages could perhaps use a bit of editing, but I'm pretty pleased with the exercise itself.  I will definitely keep at it, so keep an eye here for more pages in the coming days, maybe in fuller story pieces such as this and maybe not.

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