Sunday, April 26, 2015

Future Imperfect - Page 3

After a brief delay, we're back for more.  And don't worry, the final two pages should go up in the next two days without delay.  Prepare yourself!

Page 3

1 - The infinaut stands at a podium in a university auditorium, speaking passionately.  There's a decent size audience, but that obviously only adds up to so many people.  Perhaps on the podium or behind it, there should be a banner or somesuch that reads "Our Future: Together" (it could also be just portions of the phrase if you can't see it all).

CAPTION: What would that look like and how much effort would you need?

2 - The infinaut is now on a late night TV show, speaking earnestly with the host.  Both wear serious expressions.

CAPTION: How many people would have to act?

3 - A YouTube-equivalent website.  The video being watched is some footage from that initial university auditorium lecture.  Video title could be "Our Future: Together"; the view count should be into the low millions.

CAPTION (1): Inertia is a difficult thing to overcome.

CAPTION (2): But once you get past those first, halting steps.

4 - The infinaut once again stands at a podium, but this time it's at an outdoor demonstration that is incredibly well-attended.  The crowd before them is huge, with lots of people having come out to hear and support the message.

CAPTION: It can become your greatest ally.

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