Monday, April 13, 2015

Rising Need

Loosely inspired by this poster by Rob Jones of Animal Rummy.

1 - A Victorian-esque cityscape.  If we're feeling really into it, maybe some steampunk elements thrown in there.  The important thing is that the city is in the midst of a major dust storm, which rages all around the scene in this panel.  A small paperboy holds the day's issue for sale, which plainly reads "Drought Enters 5th Year" ("No End in Sight" as the slightly harder to read subtitle goes).  Two men walk by (towards the right side of the panel), dragging a hot air balloon basket behind them.  The first man is small and lithe and maybe isn't having that great of an impact on dragging the balloon.  However, the second man is tall and broad-shouldered, and is able to pull more than his fair share.

CAPTION (FIRST MAN): "The city needs water."

2 - The two men are now in a field.  They pull out the balloon portion along the expanse to set it up (kind of like this).  The dust storm continues to a certain extent through this panel (and the remainder, as well).

SECOND MAN: Sure, but why do we have to get it?

3 - The balloon pulled out, the men are now filling the envelop with air / fire (kind of like this).  The first man, who operates the burner, looks up to the sky as he speaks.  The second man, who holds the envelope, looks anxious.

FIRST MAN: Because everyone is satisfied with waiting for salvation to fall from the skies.

4 - The balloon is filled and is rising into the sky.  Decent distance from it, so we can get a sense of its scale while also being able to make out the men in the basket, if possible.  The first man looks determined, while the second is pretty scared (maybe gripping the edge of the basket or what-have-you).  Above the balloon are dark, foreboding clouds - their destination.

CAPTION (FIRST MAN): "When it's only ever come to those willing to fight for it."

Originally an integral part of this script was the fact all the characters were steam-powered robots of some design (with openings in the back of their heads to fill up with water / let steam escape - like the poster) in search of water due to a longstanding drought to ensure their city and lives can continue.  I had a whole idea about how they'd be a risk averse society due to being able to spill our their life force at a moment's trip.  I imagined they'd have no stairs, few heights, etc.

However, as I got into the actual writing, it wasn't immediately evident that this robot element was needed.  Perhaps I felt that way because it's kind of hard to get all that across in a single page.  Regardless, it could definitely be put back in, but I think the idea works pretty well as is.

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