Monday, April 27, 2015

Future Imperfect - Page 4

Page 4

1 - The infinaut has returned to the future and it's no longer a dead world.  Not only is that vegetation from page 2 around, but it hasn't overwhelmed the city.  Indeed, there are signs of actual life all about, with the city being in decent repair, maybe some hovercars, or whatever.  It's not an utopia, but progress is being made.

CAPTION: Time is changeable.

2 - A rally similar to that seen on page 3, panel 4.  Night time.  Fireworks are going off, confetti is streaming from the sky.  People are in a good mood and celebrating the progress.

CAPTION: Which is both our greatest advantage and greatest challenge.

3 - Same scene.  The next day.  The people are gone, but the remains of their celebration are evident everywhere.  Confetti, food, drink, and other detritus litter the ground.  Street lights or car windows might be broken.  It's not a great looking scene, and no one (or very few) seems to be taking action to clean it up.

CAPTION: Does knowing the result of our efforts help?

4 - Back to the future again, except things have gotten worse.  A lot worse.  Maybe even past the point of initial contact on page 1.

CAPTION: Or hinder?

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