Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Future Imperfect - Page 2

It's true!  I'm continuing the narrative from yesterday.  For how long?  Only time will tell!

Page 2

1 - The infinaut is back in the lab.  Helmet off, they look towards and speak with two colleagues who listen to the dire report of the future.  The two colleagues wear expressions of despair and sorrow, matching the captions.  The infinaut looks determined, matching the caption from the next page.

CAPTION (1): How would we react?

CAPTION (2): With despair?

CAPTION (3): Sorrow?

2 - The infinaut is working on a big creation of some variety.  It's not quite clear what it is yet, but there's a lot of metal, circuitry, and wires involved.  The infinaut has a blowtorch at the ready and is about to lower their protective mask to do some work.  We could have other members helping out in various capacities if we'd like, but I kind of like the idea of it starting as a singular effort.

CAPTION: Or determination?

3 - The creation is completed - the team has built a new type of battery or energy cell.  It is similar to the gizmo of the previous panel, but much smaller.  An intense glow comes off from it.  The team has assembled around it and look delighted.

CAPTION: Would we make the changes necessary to avoid disaster?

4 - Switch to a news anchor reporting on the device.  An image of it floats above her as you'd expect in your average newscast.  At the bottom of the screen, a caption reads: "Green Energy is Here!" with a subtitle that goes "Fossil Fuels a Thing of the Past?"

CAPTION: Could we?

5 - Channeling the final panel of page 1, the infinaut is back in the future.  The city / world isn't poisoned this time around, but humanity remains long dead.  The difference is that lush vegetation and green permeates the scene now, having into place after the passing / destruction / whatever of humanity (kind of like this, I suppose).  The infinaut stands with discouraged body language.

CAPTION: More importantly,  could we do it on a large enough scale to make a difference?

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