Sunday, April 5, 2015

World's Edge

Inspired from this poster by Justin Santora.

Three rows of panels. Rows 1 and 3 are both made up of single wide and short panels. Row 2 is tall (perhaps near twice as tall as rows 1 or 3) and made up of three equal sized panels.

1 – Two young adults / older teens - Jeannie and Bernard - stand on the edge of a cliff, looking out over a seemingly endless expanse of water in front of them. In the distance (towards the right side of the panel), a boat floats on said water, small and dwarfed by the immensity around it. The sun is setting; it's becoming night. Jeannie stands with her arms at her side, intently focused on the boat. Bernard looks at a pocket watch he's fished out of his vest.

JEANNIE: It's just sitting there...

BERNARD: We should be heading back...


2 – Pullout and reverse angle to look at the cliff-side that Jeannie and Bernard are standing on. It's not dissimilar to the poster – rivers rage around them, pouring their waters into enormous falls that tumble into the waters below. Like the boat on panel 1, our two characters are dwarfed by the immensity of their surroundings, barely visible (or maybe even only hinted at) at the top of the cliff.

JEANNIE: This is the World's Edge.

3 – Back close in on the two. Jeanne is flummoxed at Bernard's lack of curiosity. She's kind of getting in his face, maybe poking her finger pointedly into his chest to emphasize her points, while gesturing out over the water towards the boat with her other arm / hand. Bernard is wilting under her pressure, slumping his shoulders and the like.

JEANNIE (1): There isn't supposed to be anything on the other side.

JEANNIE (2): Which is exactly where that boat came from.

JEANNIE (3): And you don't have any questions?

BERNARD: Jeannie...

4 – Jeannie is walking away from Bernard towards one of the nearby rivers. She does not look back. Bernard reaches out lamely after her, but he's not actively doing anything to stop her.

JEANNIE: You can head back if you want.

BERNARD: What about you?

5 – A shot of the top of the cliff as Jeannie leaps from it towards the water far below. Because the cliff is so tall and this panel is wide, we can't actually see the water below. Instead we have the cliff-top and Jeannie's form in the air above and beside it, as if she's jumping into nothingness. With the pending sunset, let's go with something silhouetted, shall we? (kind of like this, but inverted)

CAPTION (JEANNIE): I'm going to get some answers.

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