Monday, April 20, 2015

Future Imperfect

Loosely inspired by this poster from Neal Williams of Epic Problems.

1 - A science lab.  There can be lots of wires and experiments and so forth spread throughout or it can be immaculately clean.  The important thing is that a time travel-y portal stands in the middle of the room, looking all impressive an indecipherable (I've never seen the show, but I'm thinking something like the Star Gate gates, but maybe more angular).  A figure in what would be a mixture of a space / time travel suit walks towards the portal, in the process of putting on their helmet.  Their back is to the reader.  If we'd like, we could have a scientist or two manning some machines / taking notes (labcoats: an obvious must).

CAPTION: Humanity has always yearned to know what the future holds.

2 - The portal as background.  The figure (I'm calling them a infinaut) has passed through the portal and looks at the world in front of them.  Their helmet is obviously on at this point.  Perhaps there could be some reflection within their visor (should the suit have a visor), but it should be indistinct / unclear.

CAPTION: But part of me has always worried.

INFINAUT: Good lord...

3 - Main panel of the page.  Rotate the focus so that we're seeing what the infinaut would have been looking at.  They're in the middle of a ruined city.  Only the skeletons of the buildings remain, with debris and discarded items, vehicles, etc littering the landscape.  The sky is dark and poisoned, as nothing is left living.  Having a couple of obvious skeletons also wouldn't be a bad idea.  This could either be an eagle-eye view looking down on the horror and destruction or it could be worm's eye kind of next to the infinaut looking up at the awful world they've discovered.  Either way, the infinaut and the portal they came through should figure into the page in some capacity.

CAPTION: "What if we don't like the answer?"

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