Monday, May 4, 2015

Differences of Opinion

Inspired (loosely) by this concert poster from Travis Bone of Furturtle Show Prints (the site doesn't want me to post the image directly to the blog, so feel free to follow the link if you're interested).  I apologize that it's a little dark (although it was way darker originally).

1 - A man and a woman are in the midst of baking of some sort in their kitchen.  They're a bit messy, with flour and stuff on their clothes / hands / faces.  The woman playfully taps her finger on the man's nose, leaving some flour there.  It's all quite lovey dovey.

CAPTION: I wanted you all to myself.

2 - A little further along in the process, some dough sits on the counter with a rolling pin.  The man is now holding the woman's hands, as if engaging in a delicate conversation topic.  He looks a little pained, she's quite sad - potentially shedding some tears.

CAPTION: You wanted to know what else was out there.

3 - He turns to walk away, but she's picked up the rolling pin and cracks him over the head with it.  Some blood blossoms from the blow.  His expression goes blank.

CAPTION: We agreed to disagree.

4 - The counter forgotten, we have a slightly better look on the kitchen, particularly the floor and backdoor leading to the backyard.  A pool of blood sits on the floor, but it's marred by a trail of blood leading towards that backdoor (which is open).  If we can see outside, maybe see that there's some grass / field.

CAPTION: But upon further reflection.

5 - Far-off shot, 3/4 angle shot.  Part of the house is visible towards the bottom of the panel, but the main focus is the field behind the house, where the woman is in the process of shoveling the dirt back into the hole she's dug.  The man's body is, of course, not visible.

CAPTION: I think you should find out what the field has to offer.

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