Tuesday, May 12, 2015


Today's script comes from this concert poster by Todd Slater.  As usual, the final product isn't necessarily directly related, but I hope you'll agree that the link is there.

1 - Deep space.  We're looking at the Milky Way.  Earth is in there somewhere, but it's too small to see.

CAPTION: In the grand scheme of things, one person's life is infinitely small and unbearably short.

2 - Still in space, but we've moved much closer and are now looking at Earth.

CAPTION: Some find this fact depressing, as if brevity diminishes a thing's worth.

3 - Closer still, we're now a bird's eye view of the countryside.  It is night time and a city is visible on the periphery of the panel, but most of the world is dark.

CAPTION: But why not look at it from the opposite perspective?

4 - Even closer.  Still bird's eye as we look down at a man walking through a field, carrying a case.

CAPTION: In a universe that is unbelievably large, every moment is invaluable.

5 - Worm's eye view (or something like it) of said person having set up a telescope through which they're looking up at a brilliant night sky.

CAPTION: Because there will always be new things to discover.

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