Saturday, August 11, 2012


Five rows of panels.  Each row is made up of a single panel that spans the page's width.  Rows one and five are quite thin, together taking up less than a quarter of the page.  The remaining three rows are all of equal height, taking up the space in between.

1 - Black panel, but there's a couple of tail-less word balloons.  The first word balloon is in the top left area; the second is towards the bottom right.

SOID (wavy writing to imply he's regaining consciousness) (1): Oooooh.

SOID (2): What happened?

2 - From Soid's perspective, looking skyward.  A blurry figure looks down on Soid.  They stand above him, so they look upside-down on the page.  Due to said blurriness, no substantive details are visible, although it seems like the figure is wearing a mask.

SOID (1): Lanno?

SOID (2): Is that you?

3 - Still from Soid's perspective.  The blurry figure has solidified.  They are wearing a tribal-like mask that looks rather nefarious.  Still upside-down, dark, empty eyes loom over Soid, with hungry-looking teeth carved in around where the creature's mouth would presumably be.

SOID: ...

4 - Switch to a 3/4esque angle.  Soid lies on the ground, propped up a little by his elbows.  He is surrounded by four or five of these creatures, all wearing tribal-like masks that, while thematically similar, are all different from one another.  The creatures are also all different sizes.  They all hold weapons at the ready.  One standing towards Soid's feet hits him with the butt of his spear.  Soid's head slams backwards.

SOID: You're not Lan--

SFX (interrupting): THWOK!

5 - A black panel.  No dialogue.

Poor Soid.  They weren't Lanno at all.

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