Monday, August 6, 2012

Shining Armor

Hello, readers!  Hello, reader!  It's been a while, hasn't it?

People generally like to start new initiatives at the beginning of the month and things like that, but sometimes you don't have an idea until a few days in and it's not worth waiting to get started on it.  That might be this.

30 Characters in 30 Days isn't exactly something new, but I'm going to give such an endeavour a shot nonetheless.  At the very worst, it means I'm working my creative muscles on new ideas every single day, which strikes me as a positive.

Three rows of panels.  Each row is of equal size.  Rows one and three are single panels, taking up the width of the page.  Row two is made up of 3 panels of equal size.

1 - An establishing shot.  It's night time and it's raining.  A Ghost stands alone outside an entrance to a building.  He's trying to be under the awning, but he's still getting soaked.  On top of said awning, Shining Armor lies flat, listening.  No dialogue.

2 - Switch angle to look more directly at the entrance.  A second Ghost is coming out of the entrance.  The first Ghost looks up.  Move in closer so that Shining ARmor isn't on-panel.

GHOST 2: Orders are in.  We strike at midnight.

GHOST 1: Midnight?  That's less than three hours from now.

3 - The first Ghost is frustrated.  The second Ghost is more resigned to their fate.

GHOST 1: They know we need more time than that to mount a proper raid!

GHOST 2: Well, we're mounting one anyways.  We should tell the others.

4 - Ghost 2 stars walking down the stairs.  Ghost 1 continues to complain after him.

GHOST 1: I understand their fear of the rebels, but this degree of secrecy does more harm than good!

5 - Repeat the angle from panel 1.  Ghost 1 follows down the steps hurriedly after Ghost 2.  Shining Armor is gone, no longer on the awning.

GHOST 1: I mean, who do they think we're going to tell?

I'm not sure what shape this effort will take day in and day out, but today, as you can see, it's a one page script, as so often is my wont.  As my post title indicates, today's character is Shining Armor, who is one of the lead fighters among the Soldiers of Light in an ongoing fight against the much larger and more entrenched Spectre Syndicate.  The Syndicate is a huge organization that runs pretty much anything and everything in the city.  The organization has many different levels in its hierarchy, the lowest of which are the Ghosts.  As the names imply, most everything related to the Spectre Syndicate has that phantom-theme to it, thus the light-theme from the rebels.

Anyways, Shining Armor's just the man's name.  He isn't all that shiny and he definitely doesn't have any armor.  At the moment, he wears ruined boots, baggy and worn military pants, and a plethora of tattoos covering his upper body.  He's recently stolen one of the trenchcoats belonging to the Ghosts (although he hasn't bothered taking one of their helmets to match).  To complete his ensemble, he wears a bucket hat low over his face to partially conceal his identity (and because why not?).

So yeah, let's see where this takes us.

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