Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A bear

1 - A crowded bar.  People are talking to each other loudly.  To demonstrate that, you could have lots of tail-less word balloons representing parts of conversations.

2 - The same bar, but a bear is now walking across the room towards the bar itself (note: the bear is walking on his hind legs, like a person).  All the conversations have stopped.  People stare in terror at this woodland creature as it crosses the room.  No dialogue.

3 - The bear is up at the bar.  The barkeep is paralyzed with fear.  The bear puts up a paw to indicate that he would like one drink.  No one else has moved.  No dialogue.

4 - The bear turns and leans up against the bar.  His arms out, he lounges lazily, a content expression on his face.  No dialogue.

5 - The bear holds the same position, but his expression changes to one of annoyance and confusion.

BEAR: What?

Today's character: a bear who wants a beer.

I believe this is what they call genius.

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