Monday, August 20, 2012

Lanny and Lonny Lundmark

1 - Lanny and Lonny Lundmark, twin brothers, have been walking through the untame wilderness of the Old West for longer than they would care to remember.  They're tired and hungry.  Their clothing is dirty and torn.  They've seen better days.  Behind them, the hot dessert spans out farther than the eye can see.  There is a sign in front of the brothers.  Whatever it says it not yet visible to the reader.  The panel is positioned so it is looking out from just below said sign; its posts on the panel's right and left borders and its bottom just visible from the panel's top border.  Lanny looks towards the sign with a mischievous grin on his face.  Lonny is lying face down on the ground, clearly out of gas.

LANNY: We're here, Lonny.

LONNY: I didn't think we had a destination, Lanny.

2 - Same panel layout.  Lanny has moved to his brother's side.  He grabs Lonny's head with one arm and angles his face to see the sign.  He points at the sign with his other hand.  Lonny wears a mischievous grin that matches his brother's.

LANNY: We didn't.  Until just now.

LONNY: How do you think they'll feel about our regular customs and habitudes?

3 - Switch angles.  The brothers are in the same position.  The sign takes up the majority of the panel.  It reads: "Faith" with "Welcoming all, because all are welcome" written underneath.  A little, idyllic western town is visible in the background.

LANNY: Lonny, I do believe that our unique talents shall serve us quite well among these fine folk.

Lanny and Lonny have been kicking around for a good long while up in the ol' noggin.  I don't have much beyond "Rosencrantz and Guildenstern-esque con men living in the Old West", but I feel like that could take a man places.  We'll just have to find out what those places are some day.

Please note that the main difference between Lanny and Lonny is their choice of facial hair.  Lanny is mustachioed while Lonny wears a fuller beard.  Important facts, these.

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