Tuesday, August 21, 2012


1 - Frbll is a small alien who looks surprisingly like a a cute and cuddly ball of fur.  He's got some eyes, a hilarious-looking nose appendage (possibly a trumpet-esque prtoducence), as well as some cute little arms and legs.  Let's say he also has some antenna on top of his head, but it's nothing terribly obtrusive.  Anyways.  He is in a city park.  His small ship is off to the side.  He has disembarked to perform some exploration.  He's currently exploring some garbage that has fallen out of a nearby trash receptacle.

CAPTION (FRBLL) (1): Mission log: Stranded on this laughingly-designated as "Earth", I have commenced explorations of my immediate environs.

CAPTION (FRBLL) (2): Progress is agonizingly slow.  The local technologies are primitive to the point where it is difficult to ascertain the meanings / functions of my various discoveries.

2 - Ffbll's eyes bulge as someone off panel yells.  He drops the piece of garbage he was examining.

CAPTION (FRBLL): I've reached but one conclusion thus far --

WOMAN (off-panel): Omigawd!  What is that?!

3 - Frbll turns to see a woman jogger standing off to his side.  She looks surprised and confused.  Frbll pulls out a futuristic-looking raygun and points it at her menacingly, which still looks pretty darn cute.

FRBLL: Stay back!  My explod-o-canon can disintegrex you in less than three zeptoseconds!  You probably wouldn't like that very much!

4 - The woman jogger has picked up Frbll and hugs him in a vice-like grip to her chest.  He's undergoing asphyxiating type pressure here.  His eyes bulge even more than in the second panel.

WOMAN: You are sooo cute!

FRBLL: Unhand me, vile creature!

CAPTION (FRBLL): The planet's inhabitants appear to be quite hostile.

A bit of a break between posts due to traveling, but I won't let that perturb me.  Today we have Frbll, whose name is admittedly a bit lacking in the excitement department, but I like him anyways.  I'm not entirely certain of his physical appearance, but I do know his ship is along the same designs as Skottie Young's Bernard.

I've always been a fan of the tiny, fishbowl spaceship design, so that's definitely what Frbll would be rocking.  It's only a scout ship, which both explains its tiny size and how he is stranded.  I imagine that his continued adventures would involve some highjinx as he learns more about Earth, some misunderstandings between he and his people once they arrive, and everyone learning some valuable lessons by story's end.

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