Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Frobisher / F.R.O.B.

Two scripts that approach the same concept from slightly different angles.  I've had an idea of a puppet who's lost his master in my mind for a while, and it's something I'd like to develop a bit more at some point, but I found myself wondering how the concept would look in a slightly updated milieu, thus the robot version at the bottom.

I'll admit that neither script is perfect at the moment, but I think I prefer the former over the latter.  I just feel like there aren't enough stories involving puppets anymore.  Clearly I'll have to get on that.

Script the First

Two rows of panels.  The first row takes up about a third of the page, comprised of four equal-size panels.  The second row takes up the remainder of the page, made up of two panels.  One panel is relatively thin (perhaps similar in width to one of the first row panels) and the other takes up the remainder of the page.

1 - A rectangular box sits atop a round end table.  There is nothing else of note in the panel.  No dialogue.

2 - Repeat panel.  The box has moved slightly to the right.


3 - Repeat panel.  The box is even further to the right, balancing precariously on the edge of the table.


4 - Repeat panel.  The box has fallen over the side, now off-panel.  Have some lines to denote that it's smacked into the ground.


5 - Move the shot over and down slightly, with the table mostly off-panel.  Focus on the box, which is now overturned on the ground.  Its contents are not yet visible.

6 - Pull out slightly for a wider shot.  The box remains the centre of attention, but you can now see that there isn't much else in the room beyond the box and the end table.  The box has been pushed over, now on its side.  From within, a puppet has emerged.  He is trying to stand, but the disorientation is causing him to stumble a bit.  He holds a hand to his head and grimaces.  You could even potentially put in one of those squiggly lines that denote confusion / disorientation.


Script the Second

Two rows of panels.  The first row takes up about a third of the page, comprised of three equal-size panels.  The second row is a single panel that takes up the remainder of the page.

1 - Close-up of a robot's head.  The robot is off, its head angled down slightly, its eyes dark.  The room the robot in is dark.  It has some cobwebs attached to it.  No dialogue.

2 - Similar panel.  The robot's head is still angled down, but a slight glow seems to be coming from its eyes.  It's activating.

SFX: brzzzt!

3 - Simlar panel.  The robot is now on, its eyes bright in the gloom.  It looks up, taking in its surroundings.  No dialogue.

4 - Pull the shot waaaay back.  The robot is in a huge, empty warehouse, devoid of pretty much anything else.  The place is covered in dust and grime.  The robot looks quite small and alone.

ROBOT: Hello?

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