Sunday, July 31, 2011

You Could Say

          You could say he came in too fast. You could say there wasn't enough room. You could say the field was slick. There's a lot of things you could say.
          The fact of the matter is that he came in recklessly.
          It's a competitive game. There was a race to win the ball. Completely understandable.
          The problem is that he gave no thought to the other player in that race. Who gets to the ball first is completely irrelevant when the play is whistled dead because someone went down with a concussion.
          You could say he deserved that red card.

Here we have yet another short piece based on one of my lived experiences.  Don't worry though, it wasn't nearly as bad as it is above.  I don't have a concussion, for one thing.  It was also a friendly game, for another.

Joking bitterness aside, I'm not entirely satisfied with this piece.  My initial goal with it was to focus on the  impact between the two players, but that ended up only being referred to implicitly.

Might have to give another try at this particular idea on the morrow.  We shall see.

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