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X-Men First Class - Xtras

This week's selection over at thoughtballoons is X-Men First Class.  My script, which went live yesterday evening, focuses on the possible reactions of the original X-Men after their first week at Professor Xavier's school.  However, it isn't the only thing I ended up with when writing for the X-Men.  While composing my submission, I found myself with three different ones to choose from.  Focus is what went up at thoughtballoons, but I always whipped up Different, which has similarities to my chosen script, and Report, which is kind of off-the-wall and only loosely fits into the "X-Men in the 1960s" prompt we got for the week.

The point of all this, is that I figured I shouldn't let those other two scripts go to waste, so after checking out my post at thoughtballoons, I'd invite you to check out the two pages I decided not to go with.

However, that's enough from me.  I'll let the scripts do the rest of the talking from here.

X-Men First Class - Different

Panels are arranged on a classic 3 by 3 grid.

1 – Scott and Hank are walking down a hall in Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters

SCOTT: I didn't like it at first, but I think I could get used to this.

HANK: Hmm?

SCOTT: This school. It sounded like a crazy idea, but I never really fit in at my old school, and it seems like things will be different here.

2 – They continue walking. Warren is coming towards them, wearing a grim look and walking briskly.

SCOTT: There won't be any bullying.

3 – Warren bumps into Scott, knocking Scott to the ground and causing him to drop all of his books.

SFX: shove!


4 – Scott and Hank are on their hands and knees, picking up Scott's books. Warren walks away without pausing.

WARREN: Watch where you're going, Four Eyes!

HANK (quietly): That was hardly necessary.

SCOTT: Well, at least everyone will be taking things seriously.

5 – Bobby flies by overhead, dressed as a surfer bum and corkscrewing wildly on his ice slide.

BOBBY: YAHOO! Oh man, this is great!

6 – Hank and Scott look towards Bobby as he continues on. Hank is already standing, while Scott is still on his hands and knees. In the background, Bobby's reckless “flight” brings him uncomfortably close to Warren, who has to duck to avoid being hit.

SCOTT: Well, at least there won't be anything to distract us from our studies.

JEAN (off-panel): Hey, Scott...

7 – Hank and Scott turn around to see Jean standing there, looking lovely. She smiles shyly and extends a hand to Scott.

JEAN: Are you okay?

8 – Scott accepts Jean's offered hand. Though Jean is shy, Scott is downright embarrassed, stumbling over his words and flushing brightly.

SCOTT (quietly): I am now that you're here.

SCOTT (2): I mean -- Yeah. Totally. Doing great. Sitting pretty.

SCOTT (3): ...

SCOTT (4): How are you?

9 – Scott and Jean walk off together. Hank watches them go, smiling to himself.

HANK: Yes, things will be very different here.

X-Men First Class - Report

Four rows of panels. Each row is of equal height. Row 1 consists of panels 1 through 3. Row 2 consists of panels 4 through 6. Row 3 is divided equally between panels 7 and 8. Row 4 is composed solely of panel 9, which takes up the entire width of the page.

1 – Professor Xavier is talking to the five original X-Men, Scott, Hank, Bobby, Warren, and Jean, outside of the X-Mansion. They are dressed in relatively 1960s era-appropriate clothing.

XAVIER: I've gathered you five brought you five young people to my School for Gifted Youngsters because you are all unique...

2 – The X-Men are in the Danger Room, just coming out of a combat simulation. They are wearing the regular X-Men uniforms, but everyone is sporting stereotypical 60s haircuts. Jean has a beehive. Scott sports a bandana and those round, 1960s era sunglasses instead of his regular visor. Hank and Bobby wear matching Beatles mop-tops, along with impressive beards. Warren's hair is grown quite long, and he has a full moustache.

SCOTT: That was good, but there's lots of room for improvement.

3 – Some of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants lie defeated at the feet of the X-Men. Magneto is in the background, in the midst of flying away in retreat. Hank is holding Warren, stopping him from giving chase. The 60s haircuts remain, and now their uniforms are tie-dyed.

HANK: Let him go, Warren. We'll get him next time.

4 – The X-Men sit around a television. Their 60s haircuts are only more obvious, and they are now decked out in super stereotypical hippie regalia.

NEIL ARMSTRONG (from television): ...and one giant leap for mankind.

ALL: Like, whoa...

BOBBY: Outta sight!

5 – Jean stands in front of a number of other young women. All wear 1960s clothing. Jean is holding her bra above her head, burning it. No dialogue.

6 – Warren is dressed exactly like Austin Powers. The only difference is his blond hair and angel wings. He makes the Austin Powers pose as some psychedelic colours go by in the background.

WARREN: Yeah, baby, yeah!

7 – Hank, in full hippie dress, is hanging off of a Sentinel's hand, placing a flower in its hand beam.

HANK: Make love, not war.

8 – The X-Men are on the Ed Sullivan show, playing instruments and dressed up like The Beatles. This is a recreation of The Beatles' actual performance. Everyone is in suits, sporting impressive mop-tops (even Jean), playing instruments and singing into their mics. The drum kits reads “The X-Men”.

ALL (with musical notes to denote singing): Jeanie in the sky, with diamonds!

9 – A young child stands in front of his class, giving a presentation. Behind him, “History of the X-Men” is written on the board. Hank sits at the teacher's desk, a look of disbelief on his face.

HANK (quietly) (1): That doesn't even begin to make sense. The timeline and chronology are all over the place --

STUDENT: But Mr. Logan told me it all happened that way, sir.

HANK: Of course he did.

(end scripts)

So there you have it.  Did I make the right choice?  Was Focus the right script to put up on thoughtballoons, or were one of these two better?  Feel free to let me know your thoughts on the matter in the comments.

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