Sunday, June 26, 2011

Second Thoughts

          “And how was the adventuring today, sir?”
          “Not exactly to your liking, I take it?”
          “I dunno. After a while all the henchmen, damsels in distress, and evil megalomaniacs kind of blur together. Sure, I managed to escape the Wrath of the Ivory Pharaoh, but so what?”
          “You did recover that chalice, did you not?”
          “Yeah. And don't get me wrong, it's a mighty fine receptacle of power, but...”
          “I'm starting to feel like maybe there's something more to life than living through a series of death-defying adventures.”
          “Perhaps some time away would be beneficial?”
          “A vacation? Maybe...”

My character brainstorming can take many forms.  Sometimes I have a really cool idea for something that could happen, and I need a character cool enough to do all that.  Sometimes I come up with a trait that I want to write, and so I whip up a character that possesses that habit.  And sometimes all I come up with is a name.  I hope you enjoyed this piece about Adventure Dan, the Adventure Man.

I came up with that epithet a while back, but haven't done all that much with Dan since then.  In my mind, he is a man of adventure (quelle surprise, I know) in the style of Indiana Jones.  Fedora.  Sweet Jacket.  Perma-stubble.  Maybe a whip.  That kind of thing.  I figured it would be nice to have someone that I could throw into any lighthearted adventure tales that I might be wanting to tell.  Still, I imagine that even men who live for adventure would sometimes grow weary of the constant excitement.  And so this story was born.

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