Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Set Up

1 - Close-up of a door with a frosted window.  There is writing on the window, but all we can see is "Private Investigator".  It may or may not be possible to see figures within through the glass.

CAPTION (PRIVATE EYE): When you're in my line of business, you get all kinds of strange requests.

2 - A stereotypical Private Eye sits at his desk while a stereotypical dame leans on it towards him in a seductive manner.

CAPTION (PRIVATE EYE): My current client has some rather unique tastes.  And there's a deal going down that she's very interested in.

3 - Our Private Eye is in a bar.  It's clear that he's been roughing up some of the customers, with some bloodied barfliess lying semi-conscious on the bar room floor and the bar looking kind of like a hurricane just came through.  Our Private Eye has one of the mooks by the collar.  His face is already bloodied and bruised; he holds up his hands to protect his face as he tells our Private Eye what he wants to know.

CAPTION (PRIVATE EYE): Details are sketchy at first, but with some discrete inquiries, I get the answers I want.

MOOK: It's going down at the joint on Gladstone and Fourth, alright?

4 - Our Private Eye is on a bicycle, pumping away at the peddles furiously.

CAPTION (PRIVATE EYE): I make my way over as fast as I can.

5 - Our Private Eye stands in a grocery store in the produce section.  He looks down disappointingly at an empty display.  The display has a big sign that declares "Oranges - 3 for 1" in big, bright handwriting.  Maybe have one gross looking orange on the display, or one on the ground rolling away.  The important thing is that the oranges are pretty much sold out.

CAPTION (PRIVATE EYE): But I'm already too late.

6 - Our Private Eye is exiting the grocery store.  He's rolling up his sleeves and he looks mad as hell.

CAPTION (PRIVATE EYE) (1): Someone set me up to fail.

CAPTION (PRIVATE EYE) (2): And I intend to find out who did it.

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