Saturday, March 23, 2013

First Day

The Canadiana continues!

1 - A new Member of Parliament walks towards Parliament Hill.  They maybe look a little nervous.

MP (thought balloon): This is it.  My first day.

2 - Our Member of Parliament is inside the building, walking the halls.

MP (thought balloon): I still can't believe that I work here now!

3 - Our Member of Parliament enters into the House of Commons.  It is pretty grand.

MP (thought balloon): Let alone the fact that so many people have put their faith in me to represent them and their interests in our country's greatest institution.

4 - Our Member of Parliament sits at their seat, preparing to rise as their riding is called out.

SPEAKER OF THE HOUSE (off-panel. unconnected word balloon): The honourable member for--

MP (thought balloon) (interrupting): Here goes nothing.

5 - Our Member of Parliament stands, screaming their head off.

MP: @#%&*!

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