Friday, March 22, 2013

Les Voyageurs

Some pseudo-Canadian history for your comic script today!

1 - Early morning.  Pre-dawn.  An establishing shot of a deep forest along a river.

CAPTION: We do not lead an easy life.

2 - Same pre-dawn time.  A group of six voyageurs are in the process of waking up from a sleep beneath their overturned canoe.  Some are further along in the process than others.

CAPTION: We wake before the sun comes up.

3 - The day has run its course, and the sun is setting.  The voyageurs paddle their canoe furiously, although their fatigue is clearly evident.

CAPTION: And we paddle until after it has gone down.

4 - Daytime.  The men are portaging their canoe across land to the next portion of their travel.

CAPTION: We bear a heavy burden.

5 - Nighttime.  The men sit around a campfire, eating dinner, telling jokes, singing songs, and generally having a pretty good time.

CAPTION: There many are reasons we choose to do this.

6 - Daytime.  The men in the canoe look towards the water in horror as one of their own drowns in the water below them.

CAPTION: But there are times when we question if we've made the right choice.

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