Friday, December 2, 2016

Noirvember - Free Lunch - Page 5

Start from the beginning.

1 - On Randall as he gets puts his hands up in an attempt to placate Charles.

RANDALL (1): Okay, I get it.

RANDALL (2): You can keep watch out here.

2 - Randall is up the stairs at the doorway on the second level, a gun drawn.  He looks down at Charles, who is rolling his eyes and munching on the bread.

RANDALL: But I'll get the bigger share.

3 - Randall kicks in the door.  In the background, Charles searches through his coat.


4 - Randall is inside and out of view.  Charles has pulled out a phone that he is talking on as he walks out of the alley.

CHARLES: Hello, 911?

5 - Shot of the neighbourhood.  Maybe we're jumping forward in time as some cop cars race towards Chez Edgar.

CAPTION (CHARLES): I'd like to report a robbery.

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