Sunday, November 20, 2011


           Attaining the falls' base didn't improve their prospects of finding the cavern's entrance.
           Jones had once known that admittedly pertinent detail, but the portion of the bawdy story where the comely maiden went into the cavern had been rather uninteresting, so he hadn't paid it much mind.
           The others weren't terribly impressed by this revelation.
           On the other hand, Jones had no difficult recalling, in explicit and rather disturbing detail, the many filthy acts the maiden had performed once inside the cavern. Although this was of little help to the group, he happily shared these details throughout their fruitless search.

It's happening, guys!  I'm back and I'm going to finish this story, come hell or high water.  This is probably a claim I've made before, but this time it's for real?

Anyways, I know that things can come up, but I fully intend to finish this guy up and do more writing after it.  These exercises are just that - exercises - and I have missed them.  Hopefully I will be able to bring the continuing adventures of Jones, Kevlin, Edmund, and Lennox to a satisfying conclusion for those of you who have been patiently waiting at home (please note: it should probably still be satisfying if you've been waiting impatiently).

Anyways, this took me a while.  But it was a good while.  I had to figure out what should happen next and get back into the swing of the story, two nice bits to really get the creative juices flowing.  Let's rock and / or roll.

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