Monday, November 21, 2011

They Say It's Golden

          After Jones had nattered about the maiden's many indiscretions for the better part of the day, Kevlin had had enough. Recognizing that he could no longer make good on his suggestion of throwing Jones from the clifftop, Kevlin nonetheless grabbed his abrasive ally and, before Edmund or Lennox could react, tossed Jones directly into the base of the falls.
          Jones had but a moment to express his displeasure before being swallowed by the raging waters.
          Edmund and Lennox felt as if they should probably censure Kevlin's actions, but instead, they decided to take a moment to enjoy the newfound silence.

So happy to be getting back into this swing.  The time I take to whip up these little vignettes is among the highlights of my day.  It's hard to understand why I bothered stopping.  Welp, better keep that in mind next time I'm not "in the mood".

Until next time, cats and kittens!

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