Friday, December 30, 2011

Some Christmas Scraps

In the spirit of the season, our pick this week at Thought Balloons is "The North Pole".  Somehow, even though I'd missed the last two weeks worth of picks, I ended up with tons of ideas for this one, so I figured I'd share my extra scripts here.  That way, it makes me feel like someone might see these extra efforts, and it gives me something to put up on what has become a rather sorrily updated blog.

The script I ultimately went with went up early this morning, so if you'd like, feel free to check that out here.  Otherwise, if you keep scrolling down, you can see a the other script that I wrote up but ultimately decided against posting over there.  So without further ado, here be said piece.

Dinner for Two

After the Christmas rush, Santa is taking an evening to thank Mrs. Claus for her unwavering support. Consequently, he has prepared dinner for her.

1 – Santa is pulling out a chair for Mrs. Claus to sit down at the table. The meal that Santa has prepared looks pretty delicious and wonderful. Mrs. Claus looks surprised and pleased. Santa looks expectant, hoping that Mrs. Claus will like what he's prepared.

MRS. CLAUS: Oh, Kris! You shouldn't have!

SANTA: No, Jess, it's the least I can do.

2 – Santa has taken a seat across from Mrs. Claus. She smiles at him. Santa looks somewhat earnest, explaining the importance of his actions.

SANTA: I know that my work keeps me rather busy, especially around this time of year, and I just wanted to express my thanks for your continued patience and understanding.

MRS. CLAUS: Oh, but I know that it's all for a good cause.

3 – Santa's earnestness continues. Mrs. Claus remains pleased as punch, casually ignoring his concerns.

SANTA: Even so, I wanted to show you a small token of my appreciation.

4 – Mrs. Claus has started eating. She is in the process of bringing some food to her mouth as she casually says her words. Santa blushes.

MRS. CLAUS: That's sweet of you, but you do that every day.

5 – Mrs. Claus puts her hand on top of Santa's. The two look at each other lovingly. No dialogue.

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