Thursday, September 1, 2011

Nowhere to Go But

          They forgave him, of course.
          More accurately, Edmund and Lennox forgave him. Kevlin refused, but his voice of dissent was overruled.
          The matter technically resolved, they descended the tunnel. The group's survival was possible only because of Lennox's impressive strength and heretofore unknown climbing abilities. Where Edmund was too old, Jones too tired, and Kevlin too brash to maintain proper grips throughout the descent, Lennox was able to catch them each and every time they fell, preventing what would have otherwise been their untimely deaths.
          The foot of the falls achieved, everyone was certain to thank Lennox.
          Repeatedly and profusely.

So tired.  In the midst of moving I didn't really think I would have all that much time for writing, but after stressing out a bit over packing, I'm really happy I set aside some time to compose this next part of the story.  The process of figuring out what the group would do next and how they would manage it was really relaxing.  Took my mind off all the work I have ahead of me tomorrow (le sigh) and gave me a nice little sense of accomplishment.

I remember way back when that I mentioned I would sometimes talk about what I was thinking or trying to do with the pieces I put for "1 Character 100 Words" (a name that is becoming less and less accurate as time goes on).  I haven't done it all that much of late, but let's see if I can't provide a bit of insight into this one.

I think my original intention of focusing on a particular thing to work on in each and every piece has been forgotten a bit in the pursuit of creating a complete story out of this tale.  Or, perhaps more accurately, what I'm focusing on has changed a bit.  While I spent the early stories trying to write in a certain style or practice describing a certain scene, I've been more insistent on trying to make sure that each piece is complete and moves the story around in one way or another.

This time, I wanted the group to get to the base of the falls (duh), but I also wanted to put at least some of the spotlight on Lennox.  He hasn't done all that much thus far, but I really like the character.  I struggled a bit with why the others wouldn't be all that great at climbing, but I think this worked pretty well.

Anyways, that's enough navel-gazing for me.  If you have any thoughts you're wanting to add, don't hesitate to leave a comment.  Otherwise, enjoy this latest part in the Four Adventurers continued adventure.

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