Thursday, May 19, 2011

Greetings all and sundry!

Why, hello there.

I wasn't really expecting visitors at this early juncture, so I hope that you can forgive the sparse layout for the moment.  We'll see if I can't spruce things up a bit, given some time.

But since you have found your way over to my corner of the internet, you're probably lost - or you're a close personal friend of mine.  Either way, I hope you'll consider sticking around to see how things develop.

As the blog's title suggests, this endeavour shall be a place for me to gather up my various thoughts and writings in a (hopefully) presentable manner for others to peruse.  At this point in time, that will probably mean short writings, comic book reviews, semi-random musings, and whatever else I might get into my head.  It's still pretty early, so I don't want to pigeonhole myself too soon.

Let's wait a while before I do that, shall we?

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